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My easy golf scorecard

Easily keep score.

Enjoy your round.

My Easy Golf Scorecard is a simple scorecard app that eliminates distractions, so you can enjoy your round.

It’s simple. It’s hassle free. It’s My Easy Golf Scorecard.

Get started


Create a scorecard.


Use your watch to add a stroke.


Track your score and share with friends.

cute smiling face hand drawing


What do the symbols on the scorecard mean?

The thin circle represents one under par, the double circle two under par, and the thick circle three or more under par. The square represents one over par, the double square two over par, and the thick square three or more over par.

My Watch screen is not syncing with my iPhone screen, what should I do?

Sometimes the Watch and the iPhone can lose connection. If this doesn’t correct itself in a few seconds, close and reopen the Watch app and close and reopen the iPhone app. If this doesn’t do the trick, restart your Watch and iPhone.


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